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    aWeb :: Web Based Business Solutions
    Founded in 2004, is an internet application development business which focuses it's efforts on the development of information management systems for small to medium organisations. Our first commercial offering is on track for a release in the second quarter of 2006 with pricing currently being determined.
    myBiblio :: Bibliography Creator
    myBiblio is designed to help people of all ages create MLA formated bibliographies. We decided to start this site due to the overwhleming number of students and individuals who do not know how to set out creating a bibliography. While you still have to find the information about your sources, this website should remove much of the hassle involved in creating a bibliography.
    aWeb Labs :: Open Source Development
    aWeb Labs is the developement devision of's web hosting and design group. Any scripts that I develop and think other webmasters may benifit from are released here under the GNU General Public License.
    EduSlice :: Managing your Educational Junk
    EduSlice is a web-based system that is designed to help students organize educational data. The system also allows a student to quickly create a MLA formatted bibliograpy, print it, save it, and edit it at a later date. EduSlice also includes a keyword manager that facilitates the creation of categories which to organize your keywords according to subject. The keywords can then be easily sorted, edited and searched from a simple user interface. EduSlice also includes a note manger which allows you to quickly save notes or info that you require at a later date.
    JS Index :: Just a Little Freeware Javascript
    JS Index provides a few javascript applications for free to the web development community. Some of these sscripts include a simple calculator, bibliography creator and a couple of clocks.
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